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We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30. Our Advent introduction is this week - Join us for 'Stir it up Sunday'

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We're located in the Bournemouth borough of Springbourne. We've been here for 75 years (but the toilets and decor are new).

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Vinesong in concert

VinesongVinesong will be in concert this coming Sunday (4th Oct) at 6:30 p.m. everyone welcome. Entry is free, an offering will be received.

Vinesong have lead Ministry and worship each year at the National Day of Prayer on the steps of the capital building in Washington DC and ministered with music at the United Nations in New York and at the U.N. in Nairobi Kenya.

Much loved songs like ‘let your living water flow Over My Soul’  and ‘peace like a river’ and many more have a blessed congregations around the world for many years.  You can see their promo video here on YouTube


Defining Moments with Jesus

By Justin Ken, via Flickr

Photo by Justin Kern, via Flickr

Our new Sunday morning series  starts on 13th Sept at 10:30 (as usual). ‘Defining moments with Jesus’ will walk us through key moments in people’s lives when they met with Jesus. All the moments were different, but all the people we will hear about went away changed in one way or another.

(Click on title for recording)
Sept 13th A man with leprosy A Transforming Moment
Sept 20th A wayward woman A Terrifying Moment
Sept 29th A dead girl A Tearful Moment
Oct 4th A rich young ruler A Tragic Moment
Oct 11th A sick woman A Touching Moment
Oct 18th A condemned man A Thrilling Moment
Oct 25th A foolish Pharisee A Teaching Moment
Nov 1st A restored man A Tender Moment
Nov 8th A witnessing woman A Trusting Moment
Nov 15th Bonus week! (We added another one)

Life above your circumstances

Living AboveWe are starting our new series ‘Living above your circumstances’ on 3rd May. The series promises to be a great set of messages so please come along.

May 3rd Living in Freedom Prov 1:7
May 10th Living in a Good Place Prov 2:1-6
May 17th Living in Outrageous Joy Phil 1:3-11
May 24th Living in God’s Guidance Prov 3:5-6
May 31st Living a Life of Love Phil 2:1-11
Jun 7th Living in Times of Trial Jam 1:1-12
Jun 14th Living above your Circumstances Phil 3:12-14
Jun 21st Living and overcoming worry Phil 4:6-9
Jun 28th Living a life of Contentment Phil 4:10-19

Scalextric Racing

scalextric3_smWe will be holding Scalextric racing events on the following Saturdays this year:

  • 28th March
  • 25th April
  • 20th June
  • 18th July
  • 15th Aug

10:30 – 12:00 each day. Cost will be £3 per racer for all or part session and proceeds will go to the church building fund.

Track & cars will be supplied (bring your own car if you wish). The track record is 7.3 seconds – who knows what it will be by the end of the summer (though, if we’re honest, probably 7.3 seconds still).

Easter Sunday – Steve Murray

DSC_0233_g2it19Don’t miss Steve Murray from BEHOLD ministries

Easter Sunday 10:30AM

Steve Murray from Behold Ministries is not just a mime ministry….it’s human theatre where the good news is delivered in a fresh, unique and inspirational style. Combining mime and preaching, Steve has ministered in 18 nations in conferences, churches, schools, missions, theatres and prisons.

Although you may see some images of Steve with a white face, his ministry no longer uses the make-up. Oh and he doesn’t wear strips nor a leotard either! But what you do get is the message of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God delivered in a way you will never forget!

Steve has performed at Spring Harvest, New Wine, Easter People, National Elim Conference (UK & New Zealand), Mandate, Celebrate, New Dawn and hundreds of churches, schools, conferences, missions, out-reach events and prisons worldwide.

“He was so inspirational and I felt we could all connect to him and what he was saying”

“I found the talks given by Steve most enjoyable. They were very emotional I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his words. I also found the mime an excellent way to end his talk.”

7 Cries from the cross

The Crosses on Good Friday / Jason St Peter via Flickr

Image from Jason St Peter via Flickr

Our new Easter series entitled ‘7 Cries from the Cross’ starts on 1st March.

1st March (Family Service) – A Word of Pardon. Luke 23:33-38

8th March – A Word of Assurance. Luke 23:39-48.

15th March – A Word of Compassion. John 19: 23

22nd March – A Word of Sorrow. Matthew 27:45-50.

29th March – A Word of Suffering. John 19: 28-29.

Good Friday – A Word of Victory. John 19:30.

Easter Sunday 5th April – A Word of Greeting. Matthew 28:9.

On Easter Sunday we will be joined by Steve Murray – more details to follow.