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Sepember Sermons

OK, lets get back to making the sermons available by throwing them all at you in one big lump.

Here’s September and I’ll try to get back to making them available weekly.

5th Sept – Tom – Family Service

12th Sept – Dave

19th Sept – Julian – With some exiting news for for Youth events

19th Sept pm – Dave

26th Sept – Dave

26th Sept pm – Dave

Sermon Archive – 11th July

Dave was doing the lazy preach this sunday morning and had us discussing and sharing about certain passages (all in 1+2 Cor I think, certainly the one we had was). Actually, don’t tell him I said so, but it worked really well.

That said, it it really needs editing as all you’ll hear is 10 mins muttering and then some of those who got up to share (not all used the mic). Please ask if you want to hear it though, as it was recorded – I’m just not doing the editing if no-one wants to listen.

In the evening we had a world premier of the new Michelle Moore movie ( OK, not a movie, but Shelley was preching for the first time). Everyone I’ve asked has said  it was great, but I was at home with the kids and haven’t listened yet (I’m going to though).

If you want to hear that – it’s here.

Sermon catchup

Quick upload before I get another week behind.

Daves sermons from the 27th June morning and evening here (sorry, I can’t tell you the subject on these).

Last week (4th July) was a family service in the morning and not recorded (or videoed, which is a good thing as I was in my running shorts). Steve spoke in the evening, and we have this here.

Bumper Sermon upload!

I bet you thought we’d given up on the sermons. Well no, but as always life can sometimes get between your plans and reality. This week, however, we have a bumper crop for you (well 4) from last week and this week.

A Sailor plays basketball with Cambodian children.Last Sun (13th June)  Dave spoke morning & evening. The evening one, due to a random conversation with me at lunchtime is about basketball, so that’s got to be worth a listen.

Father's Day 2010 006This week (20th June) was Fathers Day. Jules spoke in the morning about relationships – not just fathers, and that’s well worth a listen. I managed to stay in and hear that one live, which is a rare treat at the moment. In the evening Tom (me!) spoke on ‘Humble Isaiah‘ and several people had more than single sentence conversations with me about it afterwards, so it can’t have been too bad either.

Charity event weekend

It appears to be charity event weekend here at SCC (though none of the events are actually at the church).

On Saturday, Lissy Fish and Pastor Dave are swimming just over 1 mile between the Boscombe and Bournemouth piers. That’s in the sea. With waves and stuff. Sounds cold to me.I want to say that ‘some others’ are swimming as well, but no-one seems to be able to tell me if that’s anyone I know or not. Either way, they’re starting at 12:00 (Boscombe pier) if you want to come and encourage them.


Also, on Sat evening at 9:00 Alex is starting to walk a marathon in aid of breast cancer for which I understand he has to wear a bra (the moonwalk). Fortunately that’s in Edinburgh so neither the smell from his feet or the screams of those seeing him in womens underwear should reach us down here. Seriously though we all wish him well also and hope we don’t see him joining the ‘foot issues’ row at the front of church when he’s back.

Sermon Archive – 30th May / 6th June

I’ve been away for a week, hence no updates last week, but I’ve got two new sermons for you from the last two Sunday evenings.

Last week (30th May – here) I have what is labeled as Julian speaking – since I wasn’t here and haven’t had time to listen to it yet I can’t confirm that, but have no reason to doubt it’s true.

This Sunday morning was a family service, and again being quite visual didn’t really translate well to recording. In the evening though, Dave spoke on Hebrews 4 – coming boldly into the presence of God.

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