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Soul Survivor

During the summer of 2010 a number of the leaders took a group of the Springbourne youth to Soul Survivor.

Based out of a church in Watford of the same name Soul Survivor is one of the best known and well attended youth events in the UK. For 5 days,  4 times over the summer, 10-12000 teenagers come together, have fun camping, spending time with God and chilling out with mates.

Each morning and evening there were main meetings where everyone gets together. It’s hard to describe the sensation of being with 1000s of others worshipping and listening to Gods Word.  It really gave the young people a sense of being part of something much bigger.

Each day the young people had a choice seminars on a huge number of subjects given by some of the best known speakers from around the world.  Often these spoke directly into the issues and challenges they were facing, and many went back home with more confidence about being able to handle things.  Being away from home, from the distractions of being a teenager in the modern world gave them an opportunity to focus on their relationship with God, and everyone in our group experienced Him in a new way.  A a leader it was amazing to see the group grow so much closer together and the young people grow in confidence over who they were and what they wanted.

We ate as a group 3 times a day and these were a great chance to get together and chat, often it was a chance for the guys and girls to ask questions, or process thoughts about the things they had heard, seen or read.  To not have the pressure of time which normally comes when talking to they was great, as some of the conversations carried on over several days.

Obviously everyone had to pitch in with the cooking and cleaning, each of the young people had to at some point  during the week to help Rob Fish (Chef to the stars) with preparing or clearing away.  This was another chance for everyone to work as a team, to get to know one another, and while there was on occasion grumbling they all took pride in their work.

There was also plenty of time to relax, with cafes, an on-site skate park,  opportunities to play football, rugby and other sports. There was a large warehouse with stalls and shops from books and music to clothes shops.

In particular our guys took great delight in beating the leaders at UNO each night while sipping on hot-choc and eating smores.

The team and youth are already set for going again this year, so watch this space for updates on what we expect to be another amazing week.

Further details about the event can be found here

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