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Defining Moments with Jesus

By Justin Ken, via Flickr

Photo by Justin Kern, via Flickr

Our new Sunday morning series  starts on 13th Sept at 10:30 (as usual). ‘Defining moments with Jesus’ will walk us through key moments in people’s lives when they met with Jesus. All the moments were different, but all the people we will hear about went away changed in one way or another.

(Click on title for recording)
Sept 13th A man with leprosy A Transforming Moment
Sept 20th A wayward woman A Terrifying Moment
Sept 29th A dead girl A Tearful Moment
Oct 4th A rich young ruler A Tragic Moment
Oct 11th A sick woman A Touching Moment
Oct 18th A condemned man A Thrilling Moment
Oct 25th A foolish Pharisee A Teaching Moment
Nov 1st A restored man A Tender Moment
Nov 8th A witnessing woman A Trusting Moment
Nov 15th Bonus week! (We added another one)

7 Cries from the cross

The Crosses on Good Friday / Jason St Peter via Flickr

Image from Jason St Peter via Flickr

Our new Easter series entitled ‘7 Cries from the Cross’ starts on 1st March.

1st March (Family Service) – A Word of Pardon. Luke 23:33-38

8th March – A Word of Assurance. Luke 23:39-48.

15th March – A Word of Compassion. John 19: 23

22nd March – A Word of Sorrow. Matthew 27:45-50.

29th March – A Word of Suffering. John 19: 28-29.

Good Friday – A Word of Victory. John 19:30.

Easter Sunday 5th April – A Word of Greeting. Matthew 28:9.

On Easter Sunday we will be joined by Steve Murray – more details to follow.

Another Story Must Begin


We will be starting our new Sunday evening series for Lent on 1st March (6:30pm). The course is titled ‘Another Story Must Begin’ and will be based around the film of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.
We will work through some of the themes and principal characters of this epic narrative in the following 5 weeks, finishing on Palm Sunday. The course explores the grace of God and our own fallen state and opportunity for redemption, and helps us to reassess what we can do with our lives and for those around us.
The 5 weekly sessions are:

  • Fantine and Cosette
  • The Bishop of Digne
  • Jean Valjean
  • Javert
  • Redemption and Salvation

Christmas Services

Christmas starts with ChristChristmas starts with Christ. An obvious point for a church to make, perhaps but apparently one that needs making these day.

Our Christmas series will be answering some essential questions about Jesus and Christmas. Join us, and see why Christmas really does start with Christ.

As we work through the month, you’ll be able to click on the titles to listen to the recordings of our messages.

1st 10:30am Why did Jesus come to the Earth?
8th 10:30am Why Jesus came as he did
15th 10:30am Why Jesus came as a Baby (Family service)
22nd 10:30am Why Jesus came to the people He did
22nd 5pm Christmas Special: Carols & Hog Roast.
24th 11:30pm (‘Midnight’ service) Why Jesus’ coming is still Good News!
25th 10:30am Why Jesus must come again!

Pentecost Series

Pentecost 30 by 'Waiting for the Word' on Flickr

‘Waiting for the Word’ (via Flickr)

In shock news today, we’re planning ahead and can exclusively reveal to both of our readers the program for the next few weeks, leading up to Ascension Sunday:

21st April Being Pentecostal Christians Acts 2:1-21
28th April Knowing his great power within us Ephesians 3:7-20
5th May (Family Service) The rushing power of the wind Acts 2:1-21
12th May The counsellor has come John 15:26-27
19th May A first hand experience Acts 2:1-21 & 40
26th May Go Go Go Matthew 28:16-20

Pudding & Praise

Just to remind you (you’ll have missed the announcement on Sun morning, as we didn’t make one)  that this Sunday (16th) evening we will be pausing our truth project series to start the first of our special Christmas services. Pudding & Praise will be starting earlier, at 5:30 (pm, not that much earlier).

You should be able to guess, but I’ll spell it out anyway – the evening will include Christmas themed praise and (wait for it…) pudding! I’d guess that means cake, but I’m actually a little unclear on the details at this point.

Rest assured though I’m working hard to get more information for you.

Our other services over Christmas are as follows:

16th – am service as usual 10:30 am

16th – pm service ‘Puddings & Praise’ at 5:30

23rd – Family service 10:30 am, no evening service

24th – candelight* service 11:30 pm – midnight.

25th – Christmas celebration 10:30 (about 30-45 mins normally).

30th – Morning service as usual 10:30, no evening service.

Back to normal on the 6th Jan.


* Presence of actual candlelight likely, but not guaranteed.