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7 Cries from the cross

// February 26th, 2015 // Comments Off on 7 Cries from the cross // General

The Crosses on Good Friday / Jason St Peter via FlickrOur new Easter series entitled ‘7 Cries from the Cross’ starts on 1st March.

1st March (Family Service) – A Word of Pardon. Luke 23:33-38

8th March – A Word of Assurance. Luke 23:39-48.

15th March – A Word of Compassion. John 19: 23

22nd March – A Word of Sorrow. Matthew 27:45-50.

29th March – A Word of Suffering. John 19: 28-29.

Good Friday – A Word of Victory. John 19:30.

Easter Sunday 5th April – A Word of Greeting. Matthew 28:9.

On Easter Sunday we will be joined by Steve Murray – more details to follow.

Put on the full armour of God

// July 24th, 2013 // Comments Off on Put on the full armour of God // General, Preaching, Sermons

Roman ArmourFor the summer services we’ll be looking at the armour of God from Ephesians 6.

Note: recordings of the talks are linked from the titles below as they are available.

28th July – Belt of Truth
4th August – Breastplate of Righteousness
11th August – Feet of Readiness
18th August – Shield of Faith
25th August – Helmet of salvation
1st September – Sword of the Spirit

Come and join us as we prepare for battle. Bonus points for anyone in appropriate dress for the message ofthe day (adults or children)!


// May 9th, 2011 // Comments Off on FIRE! // Sermons

FireResuming uploading sermons again, at least temporarily, as I had several requests for yesterdays within minutes of the service being over.

Pastor Alberto from Portugal (recently) and Brasil (originally) brought us this message about keeping the fire burning in the temple of God. The message is in Portugese and translated by his wife Francesca (sorry if the spellings are bad here) who has been at SCC with their son Marcus for some time now. Alberto is returning to Portugal for the time being, but feels God calling him to the UK, so we look forward to seeing him back with their other son soon.

Anyway, have a listen to the message if you missed it (or if you just want to hear it again). My apologies if the sound levels are a little off, we were balancing the two mics for the congregation which probably makes the recording a little loud at times.

Sepember Sermons

// September 27th, 2010 // Comments Off on Sepember Sermons // General, Sermons

OK, lets get back to making the sermons available by throwing them all at you in one big lump.

Here’s September and I’ll try to get back to making them available weekly.

5th Sept – Tom – Family Service

12th Sept – Dave

19th Sept – Julian – With some exiting news for for Youth events

19th Sept pm – Dave

26th Sept – Dave

26th Sept pm – Dave

Sermon Archive – 11th July

// July 13th, 2010 // Comments Off on Sermon Archive – 11th July // Sermons

Dave was doing the lazy preach this sunday morning and had us discussing and sharing about certain passages (all in 1+2 Cor I think, certainly the one we had was). Actually, don’t tell him I said so, but it worked really well.

That said, it it really needs editing as all you’ll hear is 10 mins muttering and then some of those who got up to share (not all used the mic). Please ask if you want to hear it though, as it was recorded – I’m just not doing the editing if no-one wants to listen.

In the evening we had a world premier of the new Michelle Moore movie ( OK, not a movie, but Shelley was preching for the first time). Everyone I’ve asked has said  it was great, but I was at home with the kids and haven’t listened yet (I’m going to though).

If you want to hear that – it’s here.

Sermon catchup

// July 11th, 2010 // Comments Off on Sermon catchup // Sermons

Quick upload before I get another week behind.

Daves sermons from the 27th June morning and evening here (sorry, I can’t tell you the subject on these).

Last week (4th July) was a family service in the morning and not recorded (or videoed, which is a good thing as I was in my running shorts). Steve spoke in the evening, and we have this here.