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Vision renewal

Staircase winding up.

A long way to go.

Updated 17th July.

On the morning of 26th June, we renewed our vision to love and to serve the people of the community which God has placed us in. As an important message for the church at Springbourne, if you’re involved, want to be involved or just want to know where we’re going the please listen to the recording here, or read the notes from the talk.

On the 10th July, we heard about how our personal responsibility to get closer to God and hear from him affects the church and the effectiveness of the vision. You can read the notes here, or listen to the recording here

On 17th July we had a 2 part service – You can here Dave’s message here (transcript to follow, I hope). We had problems recording the second half, but you can read the content here – this is the actual substance of our plan for the rest of this year.

Over the course of this week we will finalise the survey contents (the current draft is available here), prepare the postcards to hand out with it and set up the initial trial run.

Getting hold of the heart of God for the people around us is key to everything we want to do in our church. The plan for our next steps will be outlined on the morning of the 17th July. Please come along and join in what we’re planning.

Chris Cartright visit

Over the weekend of the 2nd/3rd July, we were privileged to have the Elim General superintendent Chris Carthright visit us for a Southern Fire special and our Sunday morning services.

The recordings are available here (Saturday) and here (Sunday). I’ve not had time to check the contents yet, so my apologies if the volume is wrong, or there’s a large pause at the start or end.

Steve Uphall coming in June

imageUpdate: The talk Steve gave on Sunday morning is now available to listen to. The first 14 mins or so are talking about the books Steve has written and an event his church has coming up. Worth listening to if you’re interested. The message Steve brought to the church follows on from there, if you’re short of time you can skip to that part.

Steve Uppal is coming to us for the grid on 4th & our Sunday morning service on the 5th June.
Steve has been senior leader at All Nations Christian Centre in Wolverhampton since 2001. All Nations is a vibrant and growing church family which represents the diversity of the city.

Please join us for either of both of these events.

Evening Series: Altar Ego

Note we will not be running in the evening of 1st of May, but will complete the series on the 8th instead

altarEgoOn Sunday evenings from 3rd April, we are running a new series – Altar Ego.

You are NOT who you think you are. In fact, you need to take your idea of your own identity, lay it down on the altar, and sacrifice it. Give it to God. Offer it up.
Why? Because you are who GOD says you are. Until you’ve sacrificed your broken concept of your identity, you won’t become who you are meant to be.

When we place our false labels and self-deception on the altar of God’s truth, we discover who we really are as his sons and daughters. Instead of an outward-driven, approval-based ego, we learn to live with an “altar” ego, God’s vision of who we are becoming.

Discover how to trade in your broken ego and unleash your altar ego to become a living sacrifice. Once we know our true identity and are growing in our Christ-like character, then we can behave accordingly, with bold behaviour, bold prayers, bold words, and bold obedience.

Our Incomparable God

Incomparable GodOur new morning series, starting on 3rd April is entitled ‘Our incomparable God’ and is working through Isaiah chapter 40.

3rd April “God’s message of Comfort for His people” Isaiah 40: 1-2
10th April “God’s way is the only way” Isaiah 40: 3-5
17th April “God’s Glory Revealed” Isaiah 40:5
24th April “A Mighty Saviour and sure Salvation Isaiah 40:6-11
1st May (Family Service) “Behold Your God the Good Shepherd” Isaiah 40:9-11
8th May “No one is like our God” Isaiah 40:12-17
15th May “The Wisdom of our God “ Isaiah 40:13-14
22nd May “God’s supreme answer to man’s unbelief” Isaiah 40:18-24
29th May “Our all Sufficient God” Isaiah 40:25-31

Easter Services: Why did Jesus have to die?

Easter graphic. Thanks to Life.ChurchWe have a short Easter series starting this week, 13th March, and a new evening series starting after Easter (details to follow).

All meetings start at 10:30 (including Good Friday).

13th March Why did Jesus have to die? Hebrews 9:22
20th March Why Palm Sunday? Luke 19:28-48

25th March
Good Friday

Why the Cross? John 19:1-7, 16-18, 23-24
27th March
Easter Sunday
Why theTomb? 1 Cor 15:12-22

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