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Grid 7

Next Grid is coming up soon guys – don’t miss out as these are always great events. No matter what you think you might prefer to be doing, this is going to be better.

7th December, 7:30 start as usual. Notice the entry price is only £1 – doesn’t get any better value than this.

Alex Wilson will be speaking. Prizes for anyone who can guess what his hair will be like on the day may be awarded.

Grid Friday 6th

Grid FlyerYou might be interested to know that we have set the date for the next Grid youth event. It will be 6th July, and entry will be only £1 per person this time.

I’m not sure who the speaker is going to be yet (though I’m sure someone does), but when I find out I’ll let you know.

Grid 4 – 23rd Sept

The Grid is back tonight (and my apologies for not posting this sooner).

Joe Hobday from Weymouth Baptist church will be speaking (and I’ve  heard great things about him, but then all the speakers at the Grid are nothing short of excellent).

Tickets on sale now, or at the door £3, starts at 7:30. Come along. Seriously, you’ll hear the music from your house anyway, so you might as well be there and enjoy the whole night.

The Grid – 20th May

The next Grid event is coming up on 20h May.

Andy du Feu (Director of Training for Family, Youth and Community Work at Moorlands College) will be speaking at this event.

Andy worked with us at SCC while he studied at Moorlands some years back, so it will be great to see him back again and we know he’ll be bringing a great message.

Start @ 7:30pm, tickets £2.50. See you there.


The Grid – 18th Feb

Grid poster.The next Grid event is coming up on 18th Feb.

Roy Crowne, executive director of Hope together, previously head of Youth for Christ will be our speaker this month.

Start @ 7:30pm, tickets £2.50. See you there.

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