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JAM pots full!

It’s with a mixture of joy (because it’s popular) and sadness that we have made the decision to close registration of JAM to newcomers.

We believe that getting to know those who come and being able to relate to them properly is a key part of what we are doing. With only an hour and a quarter a week, that is getting harder as the ratio of adults to children has risen. With over 50 currently registered, there is obviously a demand for this sort of club, and from what we see each week the kids enjoy it immensely.

We will be loosing another helper after half term, as they move away to start a new job. We have taken the decision now before the club becomes less fun for everyone.

We will be running a waiting list for those who still want to come, and will regularly check to see who’s not been coming so that we can bring new people in as soon as possible. When we get more helpers we will look to increase the number of places.

JAM & the Edge start again this week

JAM logoThe Edge LogoDon’t forget that JAM and the Edge start again this week, and that JAM will now be accepting any children of primary school age.

Since we’re unsure what the demand will be like, we’ll be giving priotiry to those who have previously attended, and those who have registered in advance.

JAM in the park

JAM logoAs of Thursday night it’s not looking very hopeful for getting to the park for the last Friday this school year. Check back tomorrow for a final decision if the weather is looking variable.

Not to worry though, we can have all our races and fun at the church instead (and the hot dogs and cakes!). That’s the advantage of having plenty of space to work with.

JAM & Edge update

JAM logoThere’s still a couple of weeks of JAM & the Edge left – they finish on the 22nd July (JAM have a trip to the park, if the weather is good). We’re letting the leaders have a well deserved summer break then, but both will be back again in September.

In September, we will be extending the age range for JAM to include anyone in primary school, to fill the gap between JAM and the Edge. This to mean we may actually be reach our limit of those attending, so we’re going to be giving priority to those already in JAM (or brothers and sisters if they’re coming into the new age range), and then to those who register in advance.

If you want to register, please pick up a form on a friday night, or contact us to get hold of one.

Summer over

Autumn Colour

Wow, looking at the website you’d think that was the quickest summer ever. For anyone under 18, it probably felt like it too. I remember the days…

Anyway, Sun 5th marks the last week of our summer schedule. After that we’ll be back to everything as usual I think.

JAM and The Edge  restart on 10th, and the evening services restart on the 12th. Prayer meetings and Mums & Toddlers never stopped.

Oh yes, and the new toilets are open!

We’re not quite finished with some bits of the new building, like the car park and offices. We have plenty to finish off, but we’ll announce the date of the dedication and celebration soon. Probably a Sat at the end of the month, but we have to let Dave recover from the wedding before we sort that out.

Half term activities

Jam is not on during half term, but all of the other activities are still running.

Mums & Toddlers doesn’t stop for a rest. The toddlers don’t ever stop, so we try to keep up!

Of course those of you without children probably don’t even realise it’s half term.

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